About Rational Existence

The Main Idea:

Rational existence or RE means existence is not physical but rather conceptual, related to ideas and intellect:  a mental construct.  What we envision, conceive, model, explain and communicate is our world.  And such things have no physical reality (although there must be a physical reality we can only know tangentially).  Our conceptual models relate to existent universal order, surely, but in no physical form other than ink on paper or stored electronic switches.

The reality we experience is perceived sensually (sight, sound, smell, feel, and taste) but we build our world conceptually.  Whenever we put a word or a name to any experience we begin to build a concept of that thing.  Although we can know a great deal about any single thing through our senses, our intellect, our shared experiences and imagination, we cannot know that thing’s reality.

What we can know is that which we conceive.  Our world, our universe, all that we can possibly know is our reality.  Actually, it is more than that.  Our world includes our misconceptions, our mistakes, our errors, superstitions, prejudices and other errors.

What is not real to us is physical reality.  If we do not conceive of a thing we are confused, lost, without rational thought.  The instant we begin to make sense or assign thoughts or words to a situation we have entered a conceptual realm.  We use input from the physical realm to build our conceptual worlds, but we do not live in the physical realm.

If our world were purely physical there would be no self-awareness, no coneptuality, no intellect, nothing rational.  We would react as animals react, as plants react, we would not be able build intellectual or conceptual models, use figurative wording, understand relationships, aspects or attributes.

Humanity lives in a conceptual realm.  The alternative is hardly possible. We cannot become purely reactionary, cannot forget to order our environment with language or map our surroundings, or model our relationships.

Rational Pre-Existence is acceptance that the idea. model or concept  is the most real, true and scientifically verifiable reality.  It is recognition of the fact that some of our ideas and concepts conform to a real and true, independently verifiable universal form.  It is recognition of the fact that the universally verifiable laws and principles we recognize in science and society exist, and pre-existed our discovery of those laws and principles.

This is not to say that all our concepts, even our universal concepts like racism and other prejudices, superstitions, economics and political theories are correct.  In fact, to accept pre-existence implicitly accepts the fact that NONE of our concepts can be wholely and completele true.  We have but a limited model of a part of a pre-existent conceptuality.

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