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Rational belief in God

As with all the essays of this class we must take into account the background of the discussion is Rational Existence, or RE.  This is the conviction that our existence is non-physical and better said to be conceptual or rational.  The reasoning of the following essay is conditional upon acceptance of this point.

God is an idea, a conceptal model, expressed as a name.  Just as with any name, model or idea, is as true and real as it’s definition.  Simply put, God can be defined as a real and true or imaginary and silly.  We can construct a straw god, made only for the purposes of disproving a real and living God, or we can accept that several intelligent, inspired and respectable people have constructed a rational model to which the word God can be reasonably applied.

Several irrational definitions of God can be found.  But our purposes here are to discover if there are any rational definitions.  The most common heard is that of the “Creator”.  A ational definition of a creator would be implied by the creation.  Whatever exists was created, in some way, and whatever principles or laws which caused, instituted, generated, or inspired a creation can be therefore defined as God.

From the standpoint of Rational Existence all words and names represent ideas and concepts which exist in a sense that is more real, more pertentant, more true than an undefined physical existence.  In other words the definitions of physical objects are, from a human standpoint, more important than the physical objects themselves.

By reference to God we can now see that Creator is itself a definition of a conceptuality that must exist by implication.  If we know what creates then we can define and imply the existence of a creator.  In a larger sense, if  creation exists in a universal sense then, by the human way of ordering things a Creator in the universal sense is implied.

As for other definitions, descriptions or names of God another very common one is the “all Powerful”.  By implication we would see a more figurative definition here.  If there is a power, then there is an implication of a source of the quintessence of power itself.  Any relationship, aspect of attribute of a thing that has power over some other thing, then, has the power in common.