Monthly Archives: September 2011

Leaving a legacy

The writer of Wednesday’s with Morey spoke at the Quinnipiac graduation June 2011. He spoke about the legacy Morry left with this journalist, this author, by showing that what he imparted was the part of him that is worthwhile, the part that inspires, the part that keeps him alive forever.

Rational Existence explains in a very straightforward way the mechanics of this legacy.

The proposal that mechanics themselves exist in a way that is more real than matter is the crux of Rational Existence. If these relationships, aspects and attributes of things exist then when they are discovered, when these new ways of thinking and feeling are unveiled and taught, they live forever.

In the case of Maury the wisdom and attitude he imparted was that what he, Maury, did for his family and friends stays with them, and as long as the family and friends remember and take to heart the attitudes and wisdom of Maurie, then Maurie lives on.

In my case, the the idea of Rational Existence is extremely contagious. When you have understood it and used it and seen its power you have brought a new aspect to the world of humanity.