Monthly Archives: October 2014

Think Deeply; Help Others

Conceptualizing our worlds is Rational Existence.  And of all the concepts we make value is paramount.  Love, encouragement, the comfort of our loved ones, even fame and fortune have value.

Depending how deeply we delve into Rational Existence it quickly becomes apparent that encouraging others is one of the easiest, most effective and direct ways to help others and thereby be of value to our worlds.

Our value exists in a more real way than a tree exists. Our encouragement can be more important than a forest.  Our shared concepts have saved many forests and praise God will save many more.

No one understands your world better than you do, if you could only realize that yourself.  Your existence depends upon you and only a few others.  Encourage others for your own sake as well as theirs.  Build better worlds.  Think deeply, share and help others.

Refurbish the plumes on our bird

The prize is spirit, however you define spirit.  We all have different memories, understandings, agendas and influences, but we recognize spirit as referring to the highest, best, and brightest of our aspirations.  We all need more of the spirit in our lives.

Keep your eyes on the prize, keep motivated, get encouraged, encourage others,.  Listen when there is good advice at hand, listen to the spirit, listen to the aim and the purpose.  Rational Existence is the basis and value is the point.  Nothing we know is real, everything is a relationship, aspect or attribute of what is real.  Acceptance on that count will lead rationally to tolerance, understanding, and an aspiration to spirit.

Whatever has value to others give lives purpose existentially.  All of these ideas should be developed and circulated, they will be, but for now we have to make a living, be of value to ourselves and our families, and make a good life as many people as possible.  The more the better.  That is our value in this world.