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A new dreamcatcher

This dreamcatcher is several months old, but it has served well.  Only recently I have started having dreams again.  I have always enjoyed my dreams.  This one had my brother in Costa Rica, having bought a camp ground, was running it and a little deli restaurant by himself.  I noticed how much happier he is than I remembered him.  His comments were about things that only I would try to figure out.  We have a different way of thinking, him and me, and I knew what he was talking about, but I know all the other people in line did not.

Critical thinking is the basis for science and religion and language and communication.  The basis of critical thinking is not clearly stated.  Several philosophies have been suggested but mostly, like creationism and Darwinism, are built to exclude others who do not think in the same way as the philosopher.  Socrates was an exception because he examined the thinkers own thoughts and derived the basis of those thought from the thinker.

Aristotle then took the ideas the Socrates played with and derived a system that built two worlds, physics and meta physics.  The point is there is only one world as we all know.

So how does one deal with that which has no physical existence in a physical world?  This is the issue of Rational Existence.  Admit the existence of order, thought, models, aspects, attributes and relationships and our world is complete, whole and single.

We got the dream catcher when Nancy started having nightmares.  The nightmares stopped and I noticed that I too stopped dreaming.  I am not going to examine the reasons, design a study, devise and explanation for the workings of dreamcatchers.  Neither am I going to deny that the nightmares stopped nor that I am stopped dreaming.  Last week, however, Nancy had a nightmare and last night and tonight I had very interesting dreams.  Since nightmares trump dreaming I am thinking about dreamcatchers critically.  Did ours wear out?  Do I need a extra strong model dreamcatcher?

The point is it does no good to deny that the dreamcatcher worked and now it works less.  We could experiment, take it down for a day or three, buy a new one, ask the internet experts…  But denying that dreamcatchers do anything is not reasonable.  Just like denying that creationism has any point at all is not reasonable.  Just like denying religion, or global warming or any assertion from any reasonable person does not help.

Accept the facts that dreamcatchers work, at least for some people at some times.  Why do they exist if they don’t work?  And Global Warming?  Now they call it “climate change”, so someone has a problem with Global Warming.  Why is there so much emotion involved in such arguments?

This all started because a creationist asserted there is no good fossil record of the evolution of humans.  That is patently false.  There is a very good fossil record.  But is that really the point?  Are humans those who are defined so by anthropologists according to bone structure?

Anyone with specific bone structure would therefore be human.  Is that the argument that defeats creationism? I think there is more to it than that, but apparently I am in the minority.